Dedicated & Knowledgeable Staff

We believe in hiring bright, educated staff that have a gift for dealing with people.  We consider them to be professional ambassadors for our auction company and your auction.  Our staff love auctions as much as we do and have a knowledge of the product they are helping to sell. Having the right staff with great attitudes and a sense of humor can increase the bottom dollar of your sale.

A few years ago I was working for another auction company as a contract auctioneer.  During my break, I noticed that the help on one of the wagons had no product knowledge, didn’t interact with the crowd, and were as slow as molasses in January.  I jumped up on the rack and got things moving.  Later when I crawled off the rack, a woman said to me, “It is nice to see someone around here that likes their job.”  Don’t think she was the only one that was aware of what had been happening.  I know the help were costing the sellers money.  We strive to treat our help like family and make sure they know how to conduct a fun, professional auction. Next >