Equipped for Any Sale

I grew up in high production agriculture in Iowa and ran the farm for 12 years.  We did most everything ourselves and had the right tools and machinery to do it.  I believe if you’re going to do a job, you need the right tools and equipment.  As a result I have continued to reinvest in my company.  I believe there isn’t another auction company in the area better equipped to handle your auction needs. 

Check out what we offer

  • Heavy Duty Truck
  • 24’ Gooseneck Trailer to Haul Items and Used as a Stage at Auction
  • 7’x22’ Enclosed Trailer to Move Items and Store Items Short Term
  • Sound Truck for Outside Auctions
  • Mobile Office for Buyers to Register and Pay
  • Tractor and Loader with Forks and Bucket for Set-Up and Load Out
  • 42’ x 45’ Steel Building to Store Items or Conduct Sales
  • 15 Heavy Duty Corral Panels for Livestock
  • Lots of Signage, Easels, PA Systems, and a Shop Full of Tools

Wisconsin law doesn’t require auctioneers to be insured and I know many who are not.   Unfortunately we live in world where people threaten to sue and some do.  Although we have never been sued or had a claim, we believe we need to be insured to cover our company and our customers.

Moving and Storage
Sometimes you don’t have enough quantity or quality items to have your own auction.  Add to that the possiblity that you may have sold your home, your acreage, your farm and have to be out in a month or less.  Don’t worry.  We will always have another auction we can add your items to.  In the meantime, those items will need to be moved and stored.  We have some options to help you. 

Online or live/online auctions can draw buyers from around the block or around the globe.  We help realize the highest prices for your goods by taking bids from buyers regardless of location. Next >