Firm Written Proposal

You want to know what your auction will cost. Some auctioneers make verbal quotes or scribble you some notes. We believe you should have a firm written proposal to review before you sign a contract. We've done enough auctions to know what your advertising will cost and how much time your auction set-up will take. We will either provide a signed proposal for you before we leave our visit or we may have to do research on speciality advertising or factors like rigging costs; in which case you will get a proposal in the next day or two.

Our proposal is a firm proposal. What does that mean? The total expenses we quote is the maximum we charge you for doing your sale. If we judged the setup time wrong or the advertising cost, we eat those costs. We charge you only what it costs and up to that limit. Remember this when another auction company says they will do something for less. Is that price the maximum they will charge? Is it in writing?

When you sign a contract with us, you first sign the proposal. This says you agree to those fees. Those numbers are then put in the contract and a copy of the proposal is attached to your contract. Our quote may not always be the cheapest, but you can count on your costs long before you get a check in the mail.  Next >