Why Auction Your Home?

Because It Gets Results

Real estate auctions eliminate time consuming private negotiations.  Focused marketing brings in the maximum number of qualified buyers.  Prior financing arrangements ensure earlier closure of the sale.  The money you might have spent for insurance, taxes, and maintenance while the property is on the "market" is freed for more productive purposes.                    

But there's more:

  • You never have to worry about selling too cheap-- you can set a minimum price or reserve the right to reject final bids.    
  • Auctioning your property creates competition amongst buyers-- auction prices can exceed the price of a negotiated sale.    
  • The auction process brings interested buyers to the point of decision-- they must act now or lose the opportunity to purchase.   
  • You pick when it sells and when it closes.    
  • Your property is sold as is, where is, and how is.    
  • Auctions eliminate numerous inconvenient and unscheduled showings.    
  • Your property is exposed to a large number of potential prospects through two or three one-hour open houses.    
  • All potential buyers are required to prequalify for loans and must deposit a certified check in order to bid.  The buyer's check will be deposited as partial earnest money and the other bidder's checks will be returned following the auction.  The check amount varies based on the price range of the house.    
  • You set the terms and conditions of the sale and maintain control of your property throughout the auction (depending on auction type).    
  • The buyer pays our commission when a Buyer's Fee is used.  The high bid plus the buyer's fee becomes the total selling price.  As seller, you pay no commission when your property is sold...only marketing costs are charged to the seller.