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Placing your property for auction is a profitable and efficient way to sell your property stress free and quickly. Auctions are a great opportunity to maximize the full value of your disposed properties. It is best to leave this process to highly reliable auctioneers to do the work for you.

At Sterling Auction and Realty Services, we provide the best auction experience for our customers in the Stevens Point, WI area. We have the experience and the skill to host and execute a successful auction that can be both rewarding and fun.

Business auctions need not be too uptight, and at Sterling Auction Realty Services, we make sure that our customers still have a say on how the auction is going to be done. Days before the auction, the setup is mainly established by our customers. We provide leeway for them to set up the venue and to engage in promoting the auction. We are always at their side supervising them and giving every possible assistance. In addition, we start each auction on time and we conduct the auction in an efficient, professional and competent manner while engaging potential buyers. After the auction, we offer a detailed report of transactions and we pay our customers within the first week.

Real Estate Auctions

Not only do we auction off personal items, we also provide real estate auctions. We have a team of reliable real estate auctioneers who will help you receive the best value for your real estate. We invite you to have a preliminary meeting with our competent staff. It costs nothing to talk to us. Call us at 715-445-2407 and set an appointment with us today!

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